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Use your brain

Okay, so, lets break this down a bit. You, or most of you, believe highly in "God." An invisible man who "created" Earth and everything on it, that NO ONE has ever seen and apparently got a woman pregnant (which science can prove is impossible, due to the human reproductive system, I'll try to refrain from calling the "virgin" mother what she *really* is). You BLINDLY believe in something there is NO EVIDENCE to support, past a book (which, let me remind you, there are hundreds of books about vampires and werewolves and things that go bump in the night and even one about a car that comes to life and starts killing people, yet we know better than to believe in those STORIES), than when someone offers ANY FORM of evidence that doesn't agree with your "book," you get uppity and say they have no proof.

Well, I've seen some rather substantial proof to back up what scientists have been saying for many years, that we EVOLVED. I have yet to see ONE SHRED of evidence to support a magical invisible man who created all of us on a whim. By the way, who created god? I'm sure he didn't *POOF* just appear out of nowhere one day, right? Cause that makes just as much sense as aliens coming to Earth and planting life here and leaving us to our own devices.

God created us in his image. So, why do we all look so different? If we were all created in gods image, why are there white people, why are there black people, why are there asian people? These groups do not look anything alike. Black people come from an area where darker skin is needed to protect them from the sun. White people tend to come from places where there is less sun. Lighter skin allows more absorption of vitamin d which is primarily absorbed thru the skin and in a trait for people from cloudy countries, whereas dark skin is a trait to those from countries where there is an abundance of sunlight and in turn vitamin d). This would be an adaptation, or an EVOLUTION, to our surroundings. What is your excuse for why we all look so drastically different from one another?

While I'm going to town pissing off all your retarded, backwoods redneck, bible thumpers, lets talk about this. God loves all, I will repeat that, God loves ALL, yes, ALL as in:

All - Adjective
1. the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent, or duration): all the cake; all the way; all year.
2. the whole number of (used in referring to individuals or particulars, taken collectively): all students.
3. the greatest possible (used in referring to quality or degree): with all due respect; with all speed.
4. every: all kinds; all sorts.
5. any; any whatever: beyond all doubt.
6. nothing but; only: The coat is all wool.

God loves ALL his children. That would include the GAY children. Don't forget, in your words "god created us," so wouldn't that mean he also created gay people? And further, IF God, being that ALL POWERFUL being "He" is, loves ALL of his children, why does he let them suffer? Why does he ALLOW them to be born with or get cancer at a young age? Why does he let thousands of his children die every single day if he LOVES them?

You people are blind arrogant fools to believe that some magical invisible man just decided one day to make us "in his own image." You have no proof to back up a single claim about your so-called god. Scientists may not be able to link our evolution 100%, but they are getting closer and closer and it makes more sense that we evolved because science can prove that we, HUMANS, are continuing to evolve.

You want abortions to be illegal cause god says murder is bad, yet you will kill in his name. Makes sense to me. You don't want insurance to cover the cost of abortions cause you don't want to pay for them, yet you end up paying for them when those people have a baby they can't afford and go on welfare which YOUR TAX DOLLARS FUND for at least 18 years of that child's life. How about you think of that gem next time you wanna picket outside an abortion clinic.

You people really need to use your brain, the one "god gave you" and think about what's fact and what's really fiction. I will listen to ANYONE who can give me a reasonable supporting argument to support that god "exists." This does not include, the bible says or my pastor says or my mama says. I want PROOF. The same proof you claim science CAN'T give us to support evolution.

You can't claim that something WITH proof doesn't exist all while touting some invisible man that lives in the sky based on a book.

Oh, and one last jolly note for you mindless sheep.

[url][sign in to see URL]

Carlin is god. Have a nice day.
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Re: Use your brain

Dude, if you log on here, and see this again...

this forum is closed, zip, archived.

I only saw this because of some other buisness.

Look up the guy's name to find the new forum, and post this.

Thanks for giving me a laugh for wasting your time.


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