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(WoW) UI help

Hey guys zup? emoticon

Allright so I need help with creating my own UI. I got tired of either using the default Blizzard Ui or using extremely ugly Ui's made by other people.
I ran into problems with panels though. I dont understand anything about that lua and tga stuff neither do I have the programs for creating the panel art I need. Anyone here that has got experience with eepanels or KGpanels and could perhaps create some art for me?

Second thing I got problems with is MiksScrollingbattleText. I downloaded a special one where there's a voice telling me when special things happen like when someone is Mana Burning me. The problem is that the voice is from Microsoft Anna... I've... got some bad experience with that voice so I'd rather not use that.
The following will probably sound a bit weird but could any female user here on the forum help me and record her voice for me to use in the addon?
The things that would be recorded are stuff like: "Fear Ward Off" "Shield Now" and so on.

Why it has to be a female voice? Well that's because I don't usually listen to male voices. That's not made up, I have higher grades in the subjects that were taught by female teachers than those teached by male ones.

If there's anyone here who's willing to help me out then please reply emoticon


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