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Want to try Aion too?

Well, I told myself that when the next wave of servers opens with another 15 days of free time, I wouldn't do it because it would keep me out of the game I'm paying to play, but I failed to keep the promise.

 Among X-fire users, Aion is in the top 100 and climbing, pretty impressive considering all those people are playing chinese release.

If you would like to play too, I have links for the files (these come direct from NCsoft) And there are several guides on how to set up your chinese trial account to be found on the web, and I have guildies who are willing to help anyone out with it if you'd prefer not to rely on yourself.

For now you can aim me at uorea, or I can post the links here if given permission.

Details: Aion is a huge money magnet in china with a 90% subscription retention rate. The asian mmo market business model for many MMOs is hourly billing, and to celebrate the opening of new servers, they offer the first 15 days for free, counting on people paying hourly to continue afterward.


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