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If you like D&D...

Check out this cool game my friend and I made! Its a paper and pencil adventure/rpg game called Vanguard!!!

Ok, so it has flaws and it may be a little confusing but I think what we came up with is pretty cool. I typed up 6 pages of instructions (and man it was fun emoticon ) so I could get all of our ideas down. I wanted to post it here so maybe some other creative minds can add to it and criticize it so maybe it could be a pretty cool game.

But... I don't wanna post it ALL here at the moment seeing as it would be a huge spam cannon to the forums, so here's the Intro, Character Creation, and the Battle System:


"Vanguard is a paper and pencil adventure game. It has an interesting Battle System and character customization. It is easy to play and only needs paper, pencils, a 6 sided dice, and basic math skills! Play a random battle when you’re bored or create dungeons and scenarios for an all out adventure!

Character Creation:

In Vanguard, your character is classified by what armor he/she wears. There are three kinds of armor: Plate, Leather, and Cloth. The armor you choose affects how your attributes will affect your character.

There are three attributes: Strength (str), Intelligence (int), and Fortitude (fort). Every character (no matter what armor he/she wears) starts with 4 in each category. Attributes give as follows:

Plate...STR - 1 point = 1 damage
        INT - 3 points = 5 mana
        FORT - 1 point = 3 Health

Leather...STR - 2 points = 1 damage
          INT - 2 points = 5 mana
          FORT - 1 point = 3 Health

Cloth...STR - 3 points = 1 damage
        INT - 1 point = 5 mana
        FORT - 2 points = 5 Health

Damage (dmg) is how much weapon damage you do. When equipped with a weapon, this value is increased by the weapon’s damage value.

Mana is the value of which your spells use to be cast.

Health (HP) is the value of which how many hits you can take before you are fallen.

Your character does not have a “class”. However you can make a class name up for your character. It does not benefit you in anyway but it makes customization much more interesting to match your epic name. (Aka. A warrior would wear plate so it would make more sense!)

Battle System:

Weapon attacks are physical damage by your damage value and weapon damage value. When you hit your enemy, you add together both values and that is the total damage you cause.

Every turn you get two weapon attacks. You roll a 6 sided dice to determine to see if you hit the enemy. The numbers on the dice are:

6 or 5 or 4 = a hit
3 = a glancing blow (Half total damage)
2 or 1 = a miss

If you roll two or more 6’s (later on you are able to get more attacks) you critical strike your foe for total damage times 2.

You can dual-wield two 1 handed weapons but the offhand weapon does half damage and has two times the Threat Value (explained later).

Magic attacks are very different from weapon attacks. Magical attacks NEVER miss. Spells gain extra damage by adding half your intelligence value to the spells damage. Magic attacks also are different for each armor category:

-Cloth and Leather can cast 2 instant spells per turn, 1 focus cast spell, or wait multiple turns for a multiple turn spell.

-Plate can only cast 1 instant spell per turn, 1 focus cast spell, or wait multiple turns for a multiple turn spell.

-ONLY Cloth can “empower” their spells.

Instant cast spells are quick, less powerful spells that can be cast twice per turn if you wear Cloth or Leather. If you are a Plate user, it takes a whole turn to cast an Instant cast spell.

Focus cast spells are full turn spells that are usually more powerful than Instant cast spells.

A multiple turn cast spell takes multiple turns to cast and usually end up doing something huge!

*Instant cast spells can be combined with a weapon attack, however it takes the place of a potential weapon attack. For example, if you can do 2 weapon attacks, and you use an instant cast spell, now you can only do 1 weapon attack. Plate users cannot do this.*

The term “empower” means to roll a 6 sided dice and divide a base number by the dice number. For spells, this means the damage increases. When a Cloth user casts a Fireball (Focus spell), it does a total of 8 damage (6 damage plus half intelligence). Now to empower this, the Cloth user rolls a 6 sided dice. The result is a 2. Now divide 8 damage by two. That equals 4. Add that 4 to the 8 damage and that makes the spell a 12 damage spell! This makes Cloth users much more proficient at using spells than Leather or Plate!"

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Re: If you like D&D...


Archmage Magnus wrote:

Leather...STR - 4 points
          Stam= 4 points
Requires 18th turn

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