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<---- Is late to the Mass Effect party

So, I didn't grow up with consoles. My mom decided they changed too often, were too expensive and playing video games was overall bad for me. *sigh*

As a result, I'm a bit intimidated by console titles now that have a lot of commands and buttons, so I never got past the first mission in Mass Effect on 360.

Someone recently gave me a PC copy of the game and I was totally blown away by the elaborate storytelling I was rewarded with by going out of my way talking with my crew, and how personally involved I became with my custom character.

I love how the game industry has started going more for an interactive novel/movie in it's titles like Mass Effect and Bioshock! But even more important, I can't wait to continue my character's story in ME2.


UO: Reatha Starfell, CoH: Dusk Fairchild, WoW: Qurr, Pursia, Flaire, WAR: Dusk Starfelle
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